Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Prince Charming

(September 2004)

Last night

I picked up Prince Charming's dirty underwear

from the bathroom floor

for the third time this week

I tripped over some shoes

in the hallway

that gallant prince again

I found some dishes

in the study

they were stuck to the desk

and looked like someone's science experiment

no one ever said

in the fairy tales

if princes had good table manners

mine doesn't

he prefers to eat in front of the TV anyway

But today I paged him

and he called me right back

came to see me when I needed him

he makes excuses for me

when the phone rings

and I don't want to talk

he holds me when I have a bad dream

makes me breakfast in bed

just because

surprises me with hugs

and rubs my feet

With respect to everyone else

I know where I stand with my prince:


So the next time I pick up a dirty sock

I wrinkle my nose and think:

my prince may not be perfect

in every way

but in every way that counts

he is

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