Monday, June 18, 2012

Jack and Gaz - 6/18

6/18 - Gaz is being super playful and friendly today. She came right up to say hi when I came in. I gave her a tiny piece of cheese from my sandwich, and she proceeded to lick it around the floor until it was in little crumbs. Jack just looked at me like "what the hell is this?" and then tried to take a bite of my sandwich. Apparently one little piece of cheese was not enough!
Jack is obnoxious but cute. He won't let me pet him. Instead, he wants me to put my hand down where he can rub against it; if I move my hand he freaks out.
I tossed a couple of toys for Jack and he half-heartedly jogged after them, then looked at me as if to say "make it move."
Gaz is now galloping around the apartment. Somehow she manages to sound like a cat five times her size. That's a lot of noise for a little kitty!
Next time on Jack and Gaz: I think I'll bring some fresh kitty toys.

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